Lace wedding cakes are a timeless classic. With the current trend of barn venues and vintage style, it is no surprise that intricate lacework has been an elegant feature for many wedding dresses and cake designs. Sometimes lace is the theme of the entire cake, while other times it is used as a contrasting design concept.

Lace applications can be done in many forms with various sugar mediums. Fondant molded lace pieces are just one way to incorporate show stopping details.

Imprinting lace into a crusting buttercream frosted cake is a subtle way to provide texture. While piping buttercream lace textures, also produces an appealing contrast to the traditional smooth frosted tiers.

Stencils are another tool used to apply delicate buttercream lace patterns onto cakes.

Flexible edible lace is a newer form of application that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This provides an affordable way to include detailed lacework into your wedding cake design.

Lacework can be done to any degree. Whether you are looking for a cake covered in lace from top to bottom or one that has a simplistic elegant lace accent, the end result will be one that is stunning in its own right.