Consultations & Tastings


The wedding cake consultation/ tasting is one part of the planning process that usually evokes a smile and an eager appetite.  From choosing cake flavors and fillings, to designing a tiered cake that embodies your wedding style, the cake consultation should prove to be a satisfying experience. I suggest scheduling your cake consultation 9-12 months in advance, especially if your wedding will take place over peak wedding season (Spring & Fall months).

I offer IN PERSON and REMOTE tasting options. The consultation/ tasting option you choose is often influenced by the detail of your cake design concept, work schedules, and whether or not you are planning your event, long distance.  There is a $30 FEE for an IN PERSON consultation. I allot an hour of time for us to meet face to face and discuss your wedding style, vendor team, and cake design concepts. You will also taste cake, as we discuss flavor pairings, which is always a highlight of this experience. There is limited space in my meeting room so I recommend no more than 4 people (couple/2 guests) with significant input be a part of this process. The REMOTE tasting/ consultation provides you with the same services, just within a different time frame. There is a $20 FEE for the REMOTE option.  We arrange a time for you to stop out and pick up a sample box of cake “ToGo”, and schedule a phone consultation to follow, at your convenience.
Planning for a stress free wedding event means that you have put the time and energy into choosing people you trust, to capture your vision, and make it a reality.  It is my desire to help you choose a cake that embodies your style and leaves your guests with a mouth full of deliciousness.  I look forward to guiding you through the process and being a part of your vendor team.

rosiescakeswedd1WEDDING CAKES are the heart and soul of our business.  We take great pride in creating a cake that embodies the essence of each bride and groom’s wedding taste and style.  A consultation is part of the planning process to insure that we have an opportunity to meet with you and discuss cake design concepts, dress colors, reception atmosphere and floral decor.

TIERED cakes frosted in Buttercream with a basic design concept start at $7.00  per serving. Rolled Fondant style tiered cakes start at $9.00 per serving. Decorations such as hand made sugar flowers (Gum Paste Flowers) are priced  separately. If you prefer to incorporate fresh flowers with your display we will work with your florist to provide the fresh materials needed.

KITCHEN CAKES are layer cakes, flat iced with a flavor filling of your choice. Kitchen cakes are not displayed, and provide you with a cost saving opportunity at $3.25 per serving.

ROSIE’S schedule does have limits, so we advise couples to reserve their wedding date early. A $250.00 retainer/deposit is needed to do so and will be credited to your order. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE. We look forward to serving you.