Cake Descriptions

Dragon, Swords & Shields Description: This cake is comprised of a charcoal toned stucco and a color of your choice. Fondant cutouts are lustered with assorted pearls dusts. The main components of this design concept include: 1 Dragon with 2 Swords & Shields. Some curly grasses and edible rocks ar incorporated to round out this design.

Dragon Scales Description: Dragon scales are done in the color of your choice. Each tier can be a different color OR a mixture of color tones can be done over the entire display. Keep in mind the number of tiers will have an impact on your color palette. This concept works well with a topper, floral accent, or some additional; swords and shields. Minimal upgrades to this concept will start at $25.00

Woodland ( often contains upgrades) Description: This design contains a base tier done to resemble tree bark, which can be achieved with fondant OR buttercream frosting. The top tier is often frosted in a neutral color ( tan, green, or a combination of the two). The main components of this design include: flowers, butterflies, and curly grasses with mushrooms. Customization of this design is often done and will have some UPGRADED costs, depending upon the details incorporated.

Seasonal Description: The primary focus of this design incorporates autumn leaves in the color palette of your choice. However, a fall floral concept can be achieved, if that is your preference. The florals often incur an UPGRADED fee, based upon the technique used to achieve them ( palette knife or hand made gum paste). If you prefer to use fresh or artificial flowers, please let me know, so we can plan accordingly.