Scored Sheet Cake

Scored Sheet Cake

The outdoors has always been an inspiration for creating cakes with textures, natural color tones, and the “Rustic” design concepts which have become so popular.

It is no wonder woodland themed cakes are used for a wide variety of party celebrations. Adorable woodland animal cutouts accent these baby shower cakes

The outdoors has been an inspiration for lumberjack and camping themed cakes as well, allowing woodgrains, textile patterns and earthy textures to become part of the cakes featured elements.

If you are looking for a children’s storybook to compliment your woodland decor, you may want to turn to the book entitled, Where The wild Things Are. This book has gained renewed interest as current trend setter!

So the next time you set foot into the forest, take in the scents that abound, look at your surroundings with a renewed perspective, and gaze upon the possibilities this environment can contribute to your next party or event of celebration.