rosiescreativecakesbabyshower-5As trends change, so do parties and celebrations. Welcome to the world of newborns! GENDER REVEAL celebrations have become the all rage in the past several years. These parties are typically thrown by the parents of the expected arrival, and are often more intimate affairs including close family and friends. We are seeing more and more ways to announce the arrival of the newbie into the family. From cakes batters that are colored to fillings that provide the clues to… what will be! We often have the honor of knowing the sonogram results before YOU, and the family. Bring your creative thoughts and ideas to the drawing board and we can begin to design the cake that reveals whether to expect a BOY or a GIRL!

BABY SHOWERS are generally thrown for the first time Mommy-To-Be. These events call for a bigger celebration and provide another reason to have CAKE! Designs will vary according to the color scheme and theme of each party. Therefore, we like to customize these cakes to coordinate with nursery themes or party invitations.

Rosie's Baby Shower Cake

Rosie’s Baby Shower Cake

BABY SPRINKLES on the other hand, are held for the second or later children that follow. Although these events are not usually as large as the original baby shower, they still provide the opportunity to share CAKE! Be sure to plan your celebration with us in mind. We would be honored to provide you with your child’s first ROSIE CAKE!