Wedding Cakes


rosiescakeswedd1WEDDING CAKES are the heart and soul of our business.  We take great pride in creating a cake that embodies the essence of each bride and groom’s wedding taste and style.  A consultation is part of the planning process to insure that we have an opportunity to meet with you and discuss cake design concepts, dress colors, reception atmosphere and floral decor.

TIERED cakes frosted in Buttercream with minimal fondant accents start at $6.25 per serving. Rolled Fondant style tiered cakes start at $8.00 per serving.
Decorations such as hand made sugar flower ( Gum Paste Flowers) are priced  separately. If you prefer to incorporate fresh flowers with your display we will work with your florist to provide the fresh materials needed.

ROSIE’S schedule does have limits, so we advise couples to reserve their wedding date early. A $100.00 deposit is needed to do so and is applied to your total cake cost. All deposits are non refundable & non transferable.

We look forward to serving you, and trust that YOU will have a wonderful, stress free experience working with us!

Cake Flavors

Banana • Bridal White • Coconut • Carrot • Chocolate • Chocolate Mocha Chip • Fudge Marble • Lemon • Orange Citrus • Pink Champagne • Pumpkin Spice • Raspberry Swirl • Red Velvet • Spice • Strawberry Swirl • Strawberry Lemonade • White Chocolate • Yellow


Buttercream • Chocolate • Peanut Butter • Rolled Fondant

Cake Fillings

Black Raspberry Chambord • Buttercream (standard) • Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese • Chocolate Mousse • Chocolate Ganache • Cinnamon Crème • Cream Cheese • Crème de Menthe • Kahlúa Buttercream • Lemon Curd • Peanut Butter • Pineapple Fruit • Pineapple/Orange Crème • Raspberry Crème • Raspberry Fruit • Strawberry Crème • Strawberry Fruit • Vanilla Crème • White Chocolate Buttercream • White Chocolate Mousse

For many newly engaged couples a new year brings with it the anticipation of planning a wedding.  The wedding cake consultation is one part of the planning process that usually evokes a smile and an eager appetite.  From choosing cake flavors and fillings, to designing a tiered cake that embodies your wedding style, the cake consultation should prove to be a satisfying experience.  I hope to give you some insight into the process, as we strive to make your planning a joy!  Knowing what to expect and coming to the appointment prepared, will make our time spent together most effective.

rosies_creative_cakes-2-2I allot one hour for a consultation/tasting.  There is a $40 fee for this service due prior to our meeting. There is limited space in my meeting room so I recommend that just the bride and groom OR persons with significant input be a part of this process.  The more guests you bring with you the harder it will be to make effective decisions.  At your consultation, you will have the opportunity to sample some crowd friendly cake flavors and fillings in order to get a taste of our cake menu. I suggest scheduling your cake consultation 9-12 months in advance, especially if your wedding will take place over peak wedding season.  Spring and Fall tend to be prime times for such events.

We also offer REMOTE tastings. “The REMOTE tasting is being offered at NO CHARGE. We arrange a time for you to stop out and pick up a sample box of cake “ToGo”, and schedule a phone consultation to follow, at your convenience”


rosies_creative_cakes-0040Establish a realistic price range for your cake.  Wedding cakes are typically priced by the slice.  Tiered cakes will vary in cost, depending upon the complexity of the design, the mediums used to achieve that concept , and the cake flavors and fillings you desire to have for your guests.  Kitchen cakes are one way to lower your cost per serving. Knowing what will effect your price range allows you to prioritize your choices effectively.  The more cake flavors and fillings, the more cost.  Intricate cake design concepts will also increase the price tag.  Delicate hand made sugar flowers, will cost more than fresh flowers.  Fondant is more expensive than buttercream.  Although these upgrades can raise the price point, bare in mind the overall presentation. Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception!  Make it a treat for the eyes and the mouth.

rosies_creative_cakes-2During your cake consultation we will determine how many tiers you want and what size your displayed cake will be in order to reflect the style of your choice. I recommend that you bring with you anything that will be beneficial in giving me a true picture of your wedding cake vision. A list of your vendors and their contact information is also helpful.  Things that inspire me include:

~Color schemes with dress swatches and table linens

~Bridal Dress styles and fabric textures

~Florals chosen for the bouquets and reception decor

You will peruse photos of my past work, but I also encourage you to bring 2- 3 pictures of cakes that capture design concepts of your liking.  Having a keen sense of your wedding style is essential to designing a cake that will reflect the atmosphere and personal character of your event.

At the conclusion of our meeting, I will provide you with a proposal for the custom designed cake  you have chosen.  A $100.00 deposit is needed to secure a spot in my schedule of events.  I appreciate a follow up call or email of your intentions, if you are not prepared to leave a deposit at the time of your consultation.

Planning for a stress free wedding means that you have put the time and energy into choosing people you trust, to capture your vision, and make it a reality.  It is my desire to help you choose a cake that embodies your style and leaves your guests with a mouth full of deliciousness.  I look forward to guiding you through the process and being a part of your vendor team!