Although wedding cakes are the main focus of our work, we do spend a substantial amount of time making party cakes for all occasions.  About 40% of our sales come from party cakes.  We receive requests for cakes from the traditional Birthday’s, Anniversaries, and Showers to Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, and Gender Reveal parties. We pride ourselves in providing you with a quality custom designed cake for almost any occasion.  If you have a party we want to provide a cake to celebrate the milestones of your life!

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Planning ahead allows us adequate time to prepare for your design requests.  I prefer at have at least 2 weeks notice on all orders. Please realize that there are limits to our schedule depending on the given day or week. Getting into the schedule early will be in your best interest.  One way to reach out to me, to place a party cake order, would be to inquire through the contact page on the web site.  You are also welcome to call Rosie’s Creative Cakes @ 717-898-9156.  There may be times when a phone conversation can be a lot more efficient and informative.

First and foremost, we will need to know the date of your event.  If the schedule allows, we will want to know how many servings of cake will be needed.  This will have an impact on the cake format (sheet, layer, or tiered).  The design concept, color scheme, and paper products will also help to inspire a design suitable for your party. We may even suggest that you send us a picture of a cake design concept you like in order to give us a sense of your vision.  Please note that we will not copy someone else’s work.  We use these images to inspire our own creative design, embodied with our decorating style and skill set.


A deposit is required to secure a spot in the schedule for your order.  $50.00 is the typical for a layer or sheet cake and $100.00 is needed for a tiered cake.  Your order will not be recognized until your deposit is received.  We accept cash, check or credit card payments.  Bare in mind that there is a $3.00 processing fee on ALL credit card transactions.  If you choose to mail a check, please note the DATE you are scheduled to pick up your order on the MEMO line of your check.  You will receive a confirmation call or email when your payment is received.  Since we operate by appointment only, call before stopping by in person with your deposit to make sure someone is available to assist you.

If you should need to cancel your order, please note that your deposit will be forfeited, and is not transferable.  If your event is rescheduled due to severe weather conditions, we will put our best foot forward to accommodate your requests.  The balance of your order is due when you pick up the cake.

We expect our customers to pick up their party cakes at 2385 Junction Road.  A timeframe for pick up is arranged, when the order was placed.  If you are unable to arrive within the appointed time, a phone call is appreciated.  When requesting a 3 tiered cake to serve 75 or more, you may want to pay for our delivery service.  We do have limits on delivery distance, depending upon the time of year.  When you pick up your cake, please handle it with care.  We invested a significant amount of time, making your cake look great.  It only takes a second to destroy or blemish the finished product.  Keep in mind, your trunk is made for spare tires, baby strollers and sports equipment, NOT cake!  You will want to keep the cake box as level as possible.  Place it close to the wheel base or the front passenger side of your automobile. Seating in your vehicle is not level.  Having a car blanket, book, or sweatshirt along can assist you in making the seat a suitable place for your precious commodity.


Cakes should be kept refrigerated (especially those with fillings) till the start time of your party.  They typically have the best flavor when consumed at room temperature.  Most of our cakes will freeze very well if you are lucky enough to have a considerable amount of cake leftover. Simply cut the cake into suitable portions for your family, wrap them in several layers of Saran Wrap, and place in an airtight container before putting them into your freezer.  When thawing, unwrap the frozen cake and keep covered in your refrigerator.  The slower you bring the cake to room temperature the less condensation you will have to contend with.

We take great pride in customizing your party cakes.  Striving to provide you with a quality cake and a creatively crafted design is our desire.  If you value these attributes of our work, we look forward to serving you.  Contact Rosie to place your order today!